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July 9th, 2015

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A Professional Business Headshot is not an option, it’s a necessity!

Your business headshot says more about you than you think.
Do you look approachable? Friendly? Professional?
Or is your headshot amateurish, out of focus, and giving off the wrong impression of you? In many cases, your business headshot is the first impression people will have of you, so you must consider how you wish to be perceieved. It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO of major company, run your own business, or just an associate; Your headshot is vital in showing people who you are, how you represent yourself, and/or how you represent your company.

Maybe you’re looking for employment, and trying to find a way to stand out of the crowd. According to a Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey, 90% of human resources managers admit to checking job candidate’s LinkedIn or Social Media pages before even inviting them for an interview. 90%. With the wrong headshot, you could be killing your career opportunities before even getting to an interview!

We offer a range of styles for your images, from a professional corporate style to a more natural, relaxed style. You do not necessarily have to have it taken in a studio. We can photograph you on-location in your working environment e.g. at your office, in front of your home, outside etc. You need these images to work for you – you need to invest time and money in getting them done properly and professionally.

As soon as you have the new portraits taken, change out all the previous pictures with the new ones as soon as possible! This update will help change people’s perception of you (for the better!), and maybe even catch the eyes of new clientele. Do yourself a favor, and update your professional image!


What is a CPP?

May 19th, 2015


These days, photography is practiced by anyone with a smartphone, but is mastered by few. Your friend, neighbor, or cousin might be okay for capturing everyday photos, but what about when it comes to once-in-a lifetime moments that you’ll want to cherish forever? Are you willing to risk relying on a smartphone you tend to drop on the ground or a CD that gets shoved in a pile of papers on your desk? Your wedding day, your senior pictures, a new baby, or even just some rock solid amazing images of your family through out the years are not something you’d want to misplace. This is why it is so important to hire a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) when it counts the most.


Not only do we at Crider’s have the experience, expertise, and knowledge on how to make you and your family look phenomenal, we produce products that exceed your expectations. These images tell the stories of your life. When life’s biggest moments are unfolding before you and you only have one chance to capture that perfect memory, don’t risk it. Hire a Certified Professional Photographer. Come see the Crider’s Difference for yourself.

The Crider Difference

May 4th, 2015


Have you had the Crider’s experience?
With over 28 years experience photographing children, Phillip and his team have the expertise and experience to capture award winning smiles and beautiful portraiture. In a simple 30-minute session, Crider’s will create at least 20 images you won’t be able to live without.
It doesn’t take 2 hours to capture beautiful images of your child. Having a photo session of your child can be an exhausting experience, whether it’s dealing with a chaotic mall studio or trying to wrangle your child while a friend or neighbor tries to capture that one perfect moment. Your child’s portrait experience does not have to be stressful. At Crider’s, we do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch your children laugh and have a lot of fun.
At your view appointment, you will not have to sort through 200 images from a CD to select the few really good ones that you want to print and display. We already narrow the best variety of poses for you, and your portrait consultant will guide you in selecting your favorites.
A portrait experience with Crider’s is relaxing and enjoyable. Let our team of professionals work with your child to get truly natural expressions.

Spring Family Portraits

April 8th, 2015

Spring is in the air!
As the world comes back to life with vibrant colors and cool breezes, Crider’s Fine Art Portraiture is heading outside to capture families making memories. For years, we have traveled all over the Carolinas, from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Carolina Coast, to photograph many wonderful people that are now part of the Crider family.
We love taking our children and families outside. The beautiful landscapes offer scenic backdrops that create treasured masterpieces to cherish for years to come. Crider’s offers an extensive list of locations that we frequent but we are always open to new suggestions and locations of your own! We will even photograph you in your own backyard!
Make this spring session special by bringing along props such as pets and outdoor activity equipment to a location that is special to you and your family. Does your family enjoy hiking, camping, boating, or golfing? We can incorporate any hobby that is special to your family in your portraits!
We are currently offering various portrait specials. Call our studio today for more information and to set up your free family portrait consultation! Our number is (704) 664-1485. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Southern Charm Easter

March 13th, 2015

Southern Charm Easter with live Bunnies!
You are in for a special treat for Easter 2015! We will be photographing on Friday, March 20th and Saturday, March 21 on this adorable Southern Charm Antebellum background! We will have real, live bunnies that your children will just love getting to hold and play with! These pictures are just going to be simply gorgeous! We would love to photograph your children this Easter! These easter pics would make great gifts and will be cherished for years to come!
Call today for the best appointment time @ (704) 664-1485

Beach Session Special!

February 23rd, 2015

If your family is headed for the beach around 4th of July weekend, be sure to book an appointment to capture your beautiful summer 2015 memories! With the gorgeous sunset behind you, there truly is not a more beautiful backdrop!


With the popularity of location photography these days, one might ask… Is there still a demand for indoor studio photography? Absolutely!!! While the beauty of nature will always be inspiring, it is important to also understand the need for and benefits of a Professional In-Studio Session. In-studio photography does not have to be stiff and boring. In fact, a studio portrait session provides a blank canvas from which Phillip Crider can create any look, style and feel that each individual client is looking for. Pre-session consultations are so important for this reason.
Just as any commissioned artist, it is important for us to meet with you and discuss your desires and wishes. Most people have either seen something they like or have an idea of a style they are wanting. Even if you have no idea what you’re wanting, we can help you out! During a consultation, our portrait consultants discuss all aspects of a portrait session with you from your desires of photographic style to clothing to the end result of what you want as keepsakes. We can show you samples of the many styles and products that we can create. It is not unusual for a client to bring in a photo from a magazine or other media source that they wish to emulate.
In studio sessions allow the photographic artist to have complete control over lighting, composition, etc. to achieve a specific look, style and feel. Because of this, in studio sessions tend to offer more creativity than outdoor sessions. From very simple to very elaborate, we can produce a timeless treasure for you to keep forever! Whether you’re using our props, your own props you bring in, or a plain background that will be painted digitally later, the possibilities are endless with in studio photography. No two sessions are ever exactly alike. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the weather! Rain or Shine, Hot or Cold, you are always comfortable indoors! Indoor Studio sessions still are classy and ideal for capturing your family’s cherished memories.

Valentine’s Special

February 6th, 2015

This Valentine’s Day, we are showing our clients, old and new, how much we love and appreciate you! Until February 12th, when you purchase a gift certificate, it will double in value! You may purchase up to $250 in credit, and which would double up to $500!

How could you pass a deal like this up?


What does your Business Headshot say about you?
The other day, I happened to see an ad for a business professional and was surprised to see his business headshot.
It was awful.
It looked like it could have been taken with an iPhone.
The lighting was bad. The quality was poor. There was no “enhancing” done to the image.
Overall, the image was not much better than a “selfie” that you might see on Instagram or Facebook.
I started wondering WHY? Why would someone who is in business (no matter what business) make the decision to have their image be portrayed in such poor light? I mean, we all learned in Marketing 101 that the first impression is the most important impression, right? So the first impression he has made on me is one of lack of quality, attention to detail and genuine lack of care for his professional “image”.
Whether you choose Crider’s to do your professional headshots (which you should!), or you choose some other professional, PLEASE do yourself a favor: Get a Professional Business Portrait taken.
We have a $95 Business Portrait Package that includes:
A 15 Minute Portrait Session
One Image on CD or by Email
Image is Fully Retouched so that you look your best
Stay after your session to immediately view your images
Additional Image on CD for $69.50
We offer other Business Portrait Packages that include prints and even Business Cards. We can do anything from Traditional to Contemporary and everything in between. We can even go on location to the place of your choice, should that be of interest to you. Whatever your style, whatever your line of work, we can capture you in the perfect light.
Let’s start off 2015 right with a NEW professional portrait!


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